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Friday, 4 February 2011

Liberia’s IMO contribution is single largest payment from a member state

THE Republic of Liberia has paid in full its Annual Assessment Contribution for 2011 to the International Maritime Organisation. On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Binyah C Kesselly, Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority and new Permanent Representative to IMO for Liberia, presented IMO Secretary-General Efthimios E Mitropoulos with a cheque for the sum of £2,826,000 ($4.52m) to cover the 2011 payment. Mr Mitropoulos confirmed that this is the single largest payment the IMO has received at one time from a member state.

The IMO assessment is based on the size of the fleet under the registers of individual countries. The Liberian fleet now exceeds 112m gross tons, making it the world’s second largest ship registry.

Mr Kesselly says, “The prompt payment of such a significant sum of money, at a time of continuing worldwide economic downturn, underlines the Liberian government’s recognition of the vital role that shipping plays in Liberia’s economy, and the equally vital role that Liberia plays in world shipping. It also demonstrates the importance that Liberia attaches to the work of the IMO in promoting safe and efficient shipping as well as the invaluable work of the IMO Secretariat.”

Mr Kesselly took the opportunity to thank Mr Mitropoulos for the support provided by the IMO in setting up and opening the Maritime Training Institute in Liberia. For his part, Mr Mitropoulos wished Liberia well in its efforts to once more become an IMO Council member.

Also present at the official payment ceremony were Margaret Ansumana and Emmanuel Reeves, Deputy Commissioners for Maritime Affairs of the Liberia Maritime Authority, and Jonathan Spremulli, General Manager of the Liberian Registry’s London Office.


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