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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kids' stuff

It’s official. The run-down to Christmas has started. Posh shops in London’s West End have already stocked their shelves with festive fare. It is July. The year is immaterial.

The average price of the ten best-selling toys has been set at £62. Yes, £62. It sounds a lot, but when you think that it costs ten shillings to spend a penny these days in London, it is not so bad. (Here is another reason not to carry bottled water with you wherever you go, as the government would have us do.)

The top ten Christmas toys this year are predicted to be Cars 2 Fully Loaded McMissile, Transformers 3 Mech Tech Leader, FurReal Cookie, Kidizoom Twist, Rock on Elmo, Lego Ninjago Fire Temple, Nerf Vortex Niton, Moshi Monsters Talking Plush, IBall 3, and The Saturdays Fashionistas.

Does anybody know what any of these things are? Our top ten presents didn’t change much from one year to the next. They unfailingly comprised The Beano Annual, the Official Lett’s Football Diary, pyjamas (one pair), selection box, colouring book, pencils, compendium of games, orange (one), snake belt, and packet of Maltesers. We had minutes of fun with that little lot, which could be had on the open market for much less than the price today of a ticket to travel one stop on the London Underground.

Times change. In our day, we would not have had time for Moshi Monsters Talking Plush. We divided our time between playing cricket throughout the long hot summers when it never rained, and pretending not to smoke. It never did us any harm.


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